September 4th, 2013

Detroit Agency Selected to Rebrand Michigan-Developed Breakthrough in Digital Pain Relief


Detroit Agency Selected to Rebrand Michigan-Developed Breakthrough in Digital Pain Relief

Contact: Justin Girouard
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September 4, 2013

Redford, MI – In order to bring its innovative breakthrough in drug-free, digital pain relief to a wider audience, Physician’s Technology, LLC, has chosen Jekyll & Hyde Advertising and Marketing for an extensive rebranding campaign. Jekyll & Hyde will be tasked with renaming their WilloMD device and designing a new logo and new packaging.

Once these are established, the advertising agency will design and create a new website for the product and a direct response campaign that informs consumers about the new technology’s many benefits and rapidly boosts sales for the product. To promote this new “digital anti-inflammatory device,” Jekyll & Hyde will produce web, television and print advertising and place the ads based on a cost-effective media strategy.

The WilloMD device has been proven clinically effective and is FDA approved for joint pain relief. It was originally designed as a drug-free alternative for those unable to take pain medications but is ideal for anyone who wants a safer, side effect-free approach to pain relief. The pain-relieving device has been on the market previously and is already changing lives. It has been used successfully to manage joint pain by physicians in hospitals and clinics worldwide, by professional athletes and even the Navy Seals.

The smart device uses kinetic and photonic energies to increase circulation in the joint and stimulate the body’s natural healing and pain-relief responses within each 25-minute session. The WilloMD is easy to use, entirely medication-free, without side effects, portable and safe for repeated use. For more information, visit

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