Case Study:

Smart Mouth

  • Television
  • Packaging

SmartMouth is one of Jekyll & Hyde’s longest-running clients. After years of successful advertising and growth, the agency decided it was time to update the messaging to differentiate the brand and its story and vault the client to the next level.


We developed a new website that overhauled the look of the brand with a clean design and user experience focusing on the product’s unique benefits and story while driving the new dual-chamber product packaging.

We supported digital efforts with two television campaigns. The first campaign took time to explain the unique science behind SmartMouth products – spending time on why SmartMouth is different and works better than other mouthwash brands.

The second campaign utilized a short (15-second), concise message designed to support one of the newer SmartMouth SKUs, for Dry Mouth. The commercial extolled the benefits of the new product and displayed the new packaging and product benefits for 100% of the commercial.

Sales Increase Up 42% Over LY
Ongoing Sales Continue to Increase