A Challenge to Growth

Bob Evans Farms brand of grocery side dishes had been experiencing steady growth, but the brand was struggling to expand outside of their core Midwest and Southern markets. These challenges were due primarily to a lack of brand awareness in other regions of the country, combined with a limited ACV distribution.

The Vision Identified

The brand understood that building a presence in these markets was crucial in order to reach their sales goals. They recognized they would need a national advertising campaign, but their allocated budget meant they could not execute a campaign, on this scale, with the agency partners they had at the time.

The Right Partners to Execute the Plan

Bob Evans Farms approached Jekyll & Hyde for their challenger mindset, efficient media tactics and a fresh creative strategy. J&H leveraged their unique media buying capabilities to provide the brand with its first national multi-media advertising campaign. This strategy included new television, radio and digital support tactics.

Expanding the Impact

With the launch of the campaign, Bob Evans Farms experienced the desired increases in unaided brand awareness in key regions, including a 6% increase in the West and 10% increase in the northeast. The unquestionable impact was reflected in the sales data, with a 9% increase in dollars sales in the first three months, totaling $8.1 million dollars YOY for Bob Evans Farms dinner sides products.

6% Brand Awareness Increase in Western Markets
9% Brand Awareness Increase in Northeastern Markets
9% Sales Increase in First Three Months