Mark Young


The word that best describes both sides of Mark's personality is “passion.” As laser-focused as he is on the success of Jekyll & Hyde’s clients, he is equally obsessed with new experiences and learning.

When other kids looked up to superheroes or performers, Mark was studying everything he could about Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison and Blaise Pascal. Mark has lived by the words of these men, especially Pascal, who said, it is impossible to know everything about everything, so it is incumbent on us to know something about everything.

Mark holds multiple state licenses in several fields. He is a certified engineer, former police officer, weapons expert, inventor, musician, pilot, futurist, hypnotist, Neuro scientist/NLP practitioner, bio hacker/longevity expert, lifetime motorcyclist, race car driver, member of High IQ Society, Genius Network and has provided council to the Cato Institute and various state and national politicians. He also holds two black belts and is the president of the non-profit World Mission, which provides humanitarian aid, education and faith-based training across the planet.

He is the co-host of the podcast Blunt Force Truth with Chuck Woolery (which is in the top 5% of all podcasts), has hosted several talk radio shows, has appeared in over 1,000 TV commercials, and appeared as himself in a nationally aired reality series.

Mark is frequently recognized as one of the country’s most informed and quoted experts on the business of technology and exponential growth opportunities. He can be heard several times each week on the nationally syndicated USA Radio Network.

Since the list of what Mark has not accomplished is much greater, you can expect that he will be out to master more domains in the future.