Traditional agencies are populated by mercenaries, people who fight for a paycheck.

Jekyll and Hyde is full of patriots – talented, experienced professionals who fight for a cause: our clients’ success.

We are accounts people, strategists, creatives, media “Jekylls” and digital “Hydes.” Every one of us is an advertising junky with an eye for efficiency and performance. It’s that shared philosophy that makes us unlike any other agency in the world.

Mark Young CEO, Chairman

Mark Young is one of the co-founders of the agency, but his advertising career spans almost his entire life. He is well known in advertising and consumer packaged goods circles as a gifted advertising executive with a unique genius for both industries.

Robb Taylor Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director

Robb Taylor has one of the more varied roles at the agency. He started in the business as an agency creative and quickly developed a love for all things advertising. His primary responsibilities include agency leadership, creative direction and strategic development for key accounts. He also works on the accounts side for several clients, works closely with project managers and mentors agency team members.

Robb is a reader and a writer, a movie junkie and a cook. If it’s sunny, you might find him alone on his motorcycle or on a basketball court with his kids or traveling somewhere new – or at least daydreaming about traveling. Regardless of the weather, he likes to test the limits of his abilities, physically and mentally. He also enjoys a good cocktail (often while testing those limits).

Steve Jbara Director of New Business

Steve leads all of Jekyll and Hyde’s new business efforts. If you’re working with us, you’ve probably met with him at some point. Prior to his career in advertising, Steve headed up his own ventures all over the state, including work with the Detroit Pistons. This has given him a unique understanding of what it means to start, promote and grow a challenger brand.

Steve’s interests outside of advertising are diverse. There are a few steady ones, like basketball and baseball (which he used to play), and he goes to more games than a lot of professional players. He is also known for finding new endeavors to throw himself into 190%. He has more sports memorabilia than Cooperstown and a massive sports ticker that’s visible from the International Space Station. That’s what we call passion.

Michelle Pike Director of Accounts

Michelle Pike manages the accounts team and works with all departments to ensure a focus on profitable outcomes for clients. She served in the Air Force and worked for construction trade firms until landing at the agency as Employee #001. She has served in a variety of roles including copywriter, director, producer, and media director. Other work experiences include non-agency marketing roles and a stint in higher education. Pike possesses an MBA from Northwood University.

Michelle is a Detroit Lions season ticket holder and enjoys providing the players and coaching staff feedback from the stands. Pike has both played and coached full contact football. She claims she can teach anyone the basics of football simply by using a variety of fruit and condiments.

In addition to football, Pike enjoys sandy beaches, spiced rum drinks, campfire conversations and action movies, regardless of how preposterous the plot may be.

Justin Girouard Account Executive

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Music Industry from Valparaiso University, Justin explored the independent music landscape for a few years until returning home to Michigan where he discovered a calling in higher education. After receiving his MBA from Argosy University, he was ready for a new challenge that he found at Jekyll and Hyde. Justin has an aptitude for strategic planning and client service, as well as an endless curiosity that drives him to always find a better way.

Justin is a true artist at heart. He is a musician and trained dancer. Seriously – you should see how this guy moves. In the timeless words of Kool and the Gang he can “Get Down on It.” He is a proud member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and a sports fanatic. He also enjoys cooking, Michigan summers, cigars, time with friends and family and any activity that involves his girlfriend Trish and puppy Brooklyn.

Ashley Gork Account Executive

With more than eight years of editorial experience and a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Ashley threw away her AP Style book and took the plunge down the advertising rabbit hole to be an account executive at J&H. Her background in research, analytics and writing have traveled with her from her days conducting “man-on-the-street” interviews to her time now spent crafting media and creative strategies for her treasured clients.

Ashley is a homegrown Michigander with an aptitude for navigating international airports. She can be found tailgating in Ann Arbor every crisp Saturday morning but develops a split personality when her team plays the Northwestern Wildcats. Ashley is at her best when she is by the water, listening to live music or debating the latest political scandal. She loves her golden-doodle, a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a well-placed Seinfeld reference – not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tricia Clark Account Executive

Tricia studied marketing at Saginaw Valley State University, where she earned her BBA before making her home in Metro Detroit. With over 10 years of experience working in the mortgage industry and proprietary education, she eventually found herself in the world of advertising. Her competitive drive to get the job done, and eternally optimistic spirit, has proven to be a perfect match with Jekyll and Hyde.

Growing up, she was known as “Trish the fish.” Once a competitive swimmer and lifeguard, her love of aquatics is now indulged during Michigan’s perfect summers. When the sun’s out, you’ll find her on a boat or a board, at the lake or simply floating in the pool. She’s also a self-proclaimed carpenter. With a knack for design and a workshop stocked with power tools, it’s not unusual to find her building custom furniture or repairing antique treasures.

Jeff Peterman Director of Traditional Media

Jeff graduated with a BA in Communication Arts/Advertising from Michigan State and has been in the media departments of a half a dozen agencies over the last 25 years. He also spent 10 years as a network radio salesperson. Jeff’s knowledge and understanding of media is impressive. He spends his days studying the results of his media buying and planning efforts, good and bad, and adjusting schedules for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Jeff has always been fascinated by TV commercials and radio jingles. His father received a dozen publications weekly, and Jeff would pour over them looking at the diversity of advertisers. He also spent time revising issues of New Yorker to be Detroit-focused. Jeff’s non-advertising passions run just as deep and include sports, music, concerts and travel. He reads coffee table books and magazines about space, cities and geography. He draws his own cities, imagining skylines and aerial views.

He loves art, sculpture, and architecture. He has hundreds of fossils and is a TV-aholic, enjoying procedural dramas like NCIS, series on AMC and HBO, like Mad Men and Deadwood, and dramas and sitcoms from all eras.

Cameron Solu Digital Media Manager

Cameron graduated with a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University in 2009 and has been in the digital marketing scene ever since. His experience with varied industries gives him a diverse background in marketing strategies, with extensive knowledge in paid search, paid social, display, video and remarketing. Balancing innovation with efficiency is his specialty; his belief that all results can be improved is what gives clients a leg up in the digital advertising space.

Cameron is a self-proclaimed data and news junkie. When he isn’t knee-deep in researching the latest digital trends, he enjoys keeping up with politics, sports, science and the tech industry and listening to a wide variety of podcasts (28, to be exact). He also loves spending time with his two dogs, Kaia and Marley, and posting a few too many pictures of them on social media. Other hobbies include playing video games, tinkering with his Jeep, working out and being made fun of for not having seen many classic movies.

Sally Young President

Sally Young is an agency co-founder. She is a business pioneer with a long history of running very successful businesses. This includes, at one point, one of the biggest and most influential power sports operations in the country. Now she works behind the scenes at Jekyll and Hyde, heading up the financial and human resources sides of the business and providing invaluable experience, leadership and guidance to the agency as a whole.

Sally Young is an avid traveler, living out her obsession with the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, sometimes snow skiing or paddle-boarding when she reaches her destination. She enjoys meeting strangers and creating narratives of their lives and volunteering her time and resources to help those in need.

Sally is also a recovering hippie who likes to drive her ‘66 Volkswagen bus, spreading peace and goodwill and sometimes picking up hitchhikers on her way. When she’s not reading about age prevention (and also not complying with the findings of her research), she’s working on her own book, The Power of Negative Thinking – but she’ll probably never finish it.

Matthew Umbarger Director of Operations

Matt is a fun, engaging IT professional with 17+ years’ information technology experience in military, defense contracting, automotive, health care and advertising/marketing. He brings personality to a field that is frequently lacking in what is known as “the people skills.” He keeps things running smoothly and people happy. He’s also the first to step up and help wherever it’s needed, and he will go out of his way to make sure people feel like he cares about their issues.

After hours, Matt is a Warrior for the Light, an Orc-hunting Beast Master and Guardian of Cenarius. In other words, he really likes World of Warcraft. For almost a decade (on and off), he has played WoW, enjoying all aspects of the game (or is it a lifestyle?). It has been an interesting and engrossing passion for Matt, keeping him perpetually connected to tech in one way or another – not to mention, he has built a lot of lasting friendships through the cultural phenomenon.

May Lopez Associate Director of Traditional Media

May’s advertising career boasts 12 years, starting in print and moving into broadcast TV, Radio, Outdoor and Digital. Recognized for her strong organizational, research, process improvement and problem solving skills, May is known by her peers in the industry as demanding and a tough negotiator.

When not in Dr. Jekyll mode, May’s passion and priority is her family. Her drive is to make an impact and a difference, finding fulfilling experiences, spending quality moments, and creating memories with loved ones.

Zach Weingarten Senior Project Manager

Zach earned his degree in production and communications and then quickly began working with PBS Detroit. He co-produced a couple of political shows before making the leap into marketing, working on promotions for companies such as McDonalds, Sony, Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Subway.

At Jekyll and Hyde, he manages a diverse team of artists and developers, creating tight budgets and timelines while connecting the dots between media, accounts and production. If a project comes through the agency, Zach has made a significant mark on it.

When Zach isn’t making sure all the trains run on time at work (metaphorically speaking), he’s spending time with friends and family, decompressing before recompressing. He’s a true Mad Man (minus the Madison Avenue part), enjoying good food and a classic cocktail with the best of them. He’s also been known to sling a mean softball, and he won’t turn down the chance to play a video game or two.

Mandy Taylor Copywriter, Project Manager

Mandy has always worn a lot of hats at the agency. She is an expert writer, an experienced producer and a project managing maven. She is smart, organized and efficient, and it shows in everything she does for the agency. Mandy has a proven track record of producing quality work, whether she’s writing copy, pulling the production strings or shepherding a project through the agency.

When Mandy is not at work, she indulges in writing poetry and stories with friends. A love for reading and the written word has fueled her passions for a very long time. She loves all forms of art and types of media, like music, movies, theatre and television. Mandy also enjoys a number of different hobbies, including cross-stitching, knitting, sewing and cooking/baking (the fruits of which her co-workers appreciate on a regular basis).

Rob Cozad Sr. Art Director

Rob’s background is in fine art, illustration and graphic design, with over a decade of industry experience. He specializes in branding, package design, print advertising and digital design (web and OLA). He is known for producing quality work under tight deadlines for some of the agency’s biggest clients.

Rob is a child of the ‘90s. His youth was inspired by comic books, video games, graffiti, cartoons and movies. They all influence his role at the agency – and still factor into what drives him outside of work. So do “nerd and punk rock culture,” Legos (which is also the name of his English Bulldog), professional sports and mountain biking. He’s also a foodie and beer connoisseur.

Taylor Schultz Project Manager

After completing her masters in health communication from Michigan State University, Taylor returned to Jekyll and Hyde to take on advertising and learn more about communications in general. Her background is in project managing, research, advertising and graphic design.

A part time Project Manager, part time superhero; when Taylor is not at the agency she is probably saving the world disguised as Mickey Mouse. When she does have free time from halting petty crime she likes to run, karaoke, chew Orbit gum, window shop, and cheer on the Spartans while sipping on an average tasting American beer. Taylor is a big fan of watching short social media cooking videos, attending concerts, and experienced barista latte foam art.

Carl Rozkowski Digital Media Analyst

Carl graduated with his BS in Business Administration from Wayne State University in 2013 and was lucky enough to find himself in digital marketing not long after. With three years of paid search experience, he is highly focused on positive results and greater ROI for clients. Additionally, he is continually expanding his knowledge in everything related to paid social, display, video and remarketing.

In his down time, Carl enjoys spending time with his wife Allison and their cat Winston. He even has a weekly Facebook post dedicated to his cat called “Winston Wednesday.” When not spending time with his immediate family, he is spending time at other relatives’ events (he has a large family). Carl also enjoys playing video games, listening to music, going to concerts and watching movies. Pretty much your typical nerd.

Patricia Rivera Art Director

Patty is responsible for designing traditional print ads, logos, packaging and digital assets, including online advertising. She has also been known to design some really nice websites and the best commercial storyboards the agency has ever seen. Whenever possible, she also gets to design concept work to keep her creative muscles strong.

Outside of the office, Patty works on her personal art and projects. She devours movies and books, and she loves caring for her birds. She is also fond of seeking out new restaurants, where she usually overeats – a frequent experience that she tries to undo at the gym the following day.

Ben Solorzano Editor / Producer

After spending years in the video production field, Ben was welcomed to J&H with open arms. His post-production background and creative eye has allowed him to be a part of some of the agency’s greatest ad campaigns. A desire to learn and grow in the digital media field helps keep him on the forefront of technology and anticipating the needs of our clients.

With an appetite for destruction, Ben can often be found at his local camera shop, videogame store or any one of his favorite restaurants. He’s an indie filmmaker, gamer, minimalist and – most importantly – a family man.  His laid back attitude and playful manner make being around him a great stress reliever.

Andi Young Social Media Coordinator

Andi was introduced to advertising at a very “Young” age. By the time she was eight years old, she was analyzing commercials and looking for ways to improve them. It’s no surprise that she entered the world of advertising as soon as she could, starting off as a receptionist and working her way to Social Media Coordinator. Now she identifies and employs the latest online trends, so the agency’s clients can stay ahead of the curve in social media.

Andi’s Hyde side is a Jekyll and Hyde of its own. Outside of work, she practices Bikram yoga one minute and looks for adrenaline rushes the next, either by taking her car to the track or by hitting the shooting range. She also enjoys spending time inside a good book and playing with her wild and sassy puppy, Piper. You may even find her watching Netflix from time to time.

Christian Bridges Web Developer

Christian is a web developer with a graphic design background. He spends his time at the agency building and developing websites that are both elegant and effective. With every new project, he tries to improve on what he has done in the past, pushing every new website to its very limits. His passion for learning and making better sites has earned him a key place within the agency.

Christian enjoys playing guitar, writing music, going on nature walks, and ruthlessly defeating his foes in strategy board games. He loves learning new things, and he dabbles in different hobbies, such as boomerang throwing, kayaking, and Funko Pop Collecting. His lifelong dream is to become a Jedi (fingers crossed).

Emily Morris Media Buyer/Planner

Emily graduated from Michigan State University and shortly thereafter began her advertising career at Jekyll and Hyde. She quickly earned her place in the demanding, fast-paced agency environment and has become a valued member of the media team. Her work ethic, organizational skills, desire to expand her advertising knowledge and willingness to help others sets her apart from her peers.

While not at the agency, Emily enjoys spending time with friends and being outdoors. She likes to attend various concerts and sporting events, visit new places and have new experiences. When she’s not doing those things, she’s working out. She has an appreciation for a sense of humor, a passion for volunteer work and loves animals.

Sean Baluha Web Developer

Sean – technology guru and Web Developer – builds and maintains clients’ websites, always looking for ways to improve and optimize them. He has earned a programming degree at Schoolcraft College, and his passion for technology drives him to learn as much as possible in the field in order to find solutions to everyday web issues.

In his free time, Sean is very outgoing. He participates in activities such as riding motorcycles, golfing (both regular and disc), going to air shows, anime conventions and, when the snow falls, skiing.

Sean also takes this opportunity to learn about the latest happenings in the technology world: What makes the latest phone from Google unique? What’s new about the latest Tesla vehicle? Is Half Life 3 coming? (Spoiler alert: no). There are all these questions and more to learn about!

Teresa Culp Executive Assistant

Teresa obtained her Associate Degree in Visual Communications, which lead to years of graphic design experience. She then adjusted to an Executive Assistant role for a leading children’s toy company in Miami, Florida. After years of service there, she and her family moved back their native state of Michigan. While raising her son, Teresa did freelance work, started her own company then landed in Quality Assurance. Ready to return to her career path, she has come to Jekyll & Hyde in the solid supporting role of the Executive Assistant.

During the winter, Teresa loves to update and remodel her home. Then in the summer she enjoys landscaping and gardening. She always tries to find creative projects to fill her family’s time together. Luckily her husband is a chef, as food is high on her list of favorite things.

“Always leave everything better than you found it.”