Advertising Has One Purpose:
Selling Products.

Jekyll and Hyde is an advertising agency made up of seasoned professionals who are passionate about the purpose of advertising: selling more products to more people more often.

We are a full-service boutique agency headquartered just outside of Detroit, but don’t let that fool you. We are not an automotive agency.

For nearly two decades, we have worked hard to develop a reputation as an agency that moves the needle for challenger brands in the CPG space, including food/beverage, HBC and OTC drug.

While that has been our core focus, we also work with category leaders with a challenger mindset and younger companies with unique products that are capable of aggressive growth.

Our team is made up of strategists, digital and traditional media planners and buyers, creatives, production people (TV, web/digital, print and packaging) and a host of other people who love what they do for our clients.

Mark Young CEO/Visionary

Mark Young is one of the co-founders of the agency, but his advertising career spans almost his entire life. He is well known in advertising and consumer packaged goods circles as a gifted advertising executive with a unique genius for both industries.

Justin Girouard Director of Accounts

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Music Industry from Valparaiso University, Justin explored the independent music landscape for a few years until returning home to Michigan where he discovered a calling in higher education. After receiving his MBA from Argosy University, he was ready for a new challenge that he found at Jekyll and Hyde. Justin has an aptitude for strategic planning and client service, as well as an endless curiosity that drives him to always find a better way.

Justin is a true artist at heart. He is a musician and trained dancer. Seriously – you should see how this guy moves. In the timeless words of Kool and the Gang he can “Get Down on It.” He is a proud member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and a sports fanatic. He also enjoys cooking, Michigan summers, cigars, time with friends and family and any activity that involves his girlfriend Trish and puppy Brooklyn.

Tricia Clark Account Executive

Tricia studied marketing at Saginaw Valley State University, where she earned her BBA before making her home in Metro Detroit. With over 10 years of experience working in the mortgage industry and proprietary education, she eventually found herself in the world of advertising. Her competitive drive to get the job done, and eternally optimistic spirit, has proven to be a perfect match with Jekyll and Hyde.

Growing up, she was known as “Trish the fish.” Once a competitive swimmer and lifeguard, her love of aquatics is now indulged during Michigan’s perfect summers. When the sun’s out, you’ll find her on a boat or a board, at the lake or simply floating in the pool. She’s also a self-proclaimed carpenter. With a knack for design and a workshop stocked with power tools, it’s not unusual to find her building custom furniture or repairing antique treasures.

Jeff Peterman Executive Director of Media

Jeff graduated with a BA in Communication Arts/Advertising from Michigan State and has been in the media departments of a half a dozen agencies over the last 25 years. He also spent 10 years as a network radio salesperson. Jeff’s knowledge and understanding of media is impressive. He spends his days studying the results of his media buying and planning efforts, good and bad, and adjusting schedules for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Jeff has always been fascinated by TV commercials and radio jingles. His father received a dozen publications weekly, and Jeff would pour over them looking at the diversity of advertisers. He also spent time revising issues of New Yorker to be Detroit-focused. Jeff’s non-advertising passions run just as deep and include sports, music, concerts and travel. He reads coffee table books and magazines about space, cities and geography. He draws his own cities, imagining skylines and aerial views.

He loves art, sculpture, and architecture. He has hundreds of fossils and is a TV-aholic, enjoying procedural dramas like NCIS, series on AMC and HBO, like Mad Men and Deadwood, and dramas and sitcoms from all eras.

Michelle Pike COO/Integrator

Michelle Pike works with all departments to ensure a focus on profitable outcomes for clients. She served in the Air Force and worked for construction trade firms until landing at the agency as Employee #001. She has served in a variety of roles including copywriter, director, producer, and media director. Other work experiences include non-agency marketing roles and a stint in higher education. Pike possesses an MBA from Northwood University.

Michelle is a Detroit Lions season ticket holder and enjoys providing the players and coaching staff feedback from the stands. Pike has both played and coached full contact football. She claims she can teach anyone the basics of football simply by using a variety of fruit and condiments.

In addition to football, Pike enjoys sandy beaches, spiced rum drinks, campfire conversations and action movies, regardless of how preposterous the plot may be.

Kate Dwyer Media Planner / Buyer

Kate, an experienced Media Buyer/ Planner worked for 11 years at a local advertising agency in Metro Detroit. She has worked on various local accounts including home-improvement, weight loss, plastic surgery, physical therapy and a well-known national pizza chain. She was ready to move on to bigger challenges and Jekyll & Hyde was able to offer that to her.  She enjoys gathering data and putting the best possible buy together that will help the client succeed.

When not working, Kate loves to spend time with her husband and 2 daughters.  Playing games, watching movies, and eating at unique restaurants are a few of their favorite things.  Kate and her husband also really love cars and even had a car themed wedding.  You can find her roaming the car dealerships looking at the new cars when she has free time and attending the Auto Show every year.

Matthew Umbarger Director of Production Operations

Matt is a fun, engaging IT professional with 17+ years’ information technology experience in military, defense contracting, automotive, health care and advertising/marketing. He brings personality to a field that is frequently lacking in what is known as “the people skills.” He keeps things running smoothly and people happy. He’s also the first to step up and help wherever it’s needed, and he will go out of his way to make sure people feel like he cares about their issues.

After hours, Matt is a Warrior for the Light, an Orc-hunting Beast Master and Guardian of Cenarius. In other words, he really likes World of Warcraft. For almost a decade (on and off), he has played WoW, enjoying all aspects of the game (or is it a lifestyle?). It has been an interesting and engrossing passion for Matt, keeping him perpetually connected to tech in one way or another – not to mention, he has built a lot of lasting friendships through the cultural phenomenon.

Jack Cyb Executive Assistant

Jack graduated from the University Of Michigan with a BA in Psychology.  After spending time in the medical industry, Jack decided he needed a change in pace and joined the Jekyll & Hyde Team.  When it comes to his knowledge about his job, he feels that knowing too much is never enough.

In addition to spending time with his wife and children, Jack enjoys taking his car to the track and spending intense Sunday afternoons watching Detroit Lions football.  Also, other interests include watching action and sci-fi films, listening to the Blunt Force Truth Podcast and never missing an episode of the Tucker Carlson Show.

Kathy Hammell Accounting Specialist/Office Administration

Kathy Hammell, also known as Buffy, plays many roles within the doors of J&H. Her responsibilities are mainly administrative and reach into the Agency as well as other entities managed within. She is the keeper of schedules for Mark Young, CEO, and Talent (for many J&H clients) Chuck Woolery. Kathy plays a large part in managing additional administrative needs, personally and professionally for Chuck as well as Blunt Force Truth. Her tasks and responsibilities are mainly behind the scenes and often shifting. She has been with J&H for six years and enjoys the fast pace and that no two days are the same.

Kathy has many likes and interests that keep her busy. First, she has three sons; Bryan is 26, Brandon is 23 and Blake is 18. Since they have become grown, independent young men, she included two sweet Havanese pups named Dino and Coco. Secondly, her family, significant other and close friends are priority and most important to her.

Last, but not least, she has an additional career path as a Professional Photographer that fulfills her creative and more active, social side. She began in the field of Photography in 2000, bringing her to a niche of photographing weddings and high school seniors on location. She enjoys the fast paced client relationships as well as getting “lost in the zone.” Her favorite quote is from Ansel Adams: “A photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

Patrick O'brien Account Associate

Patrick studied at Albion College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, as well as Environmental Studies. He started with the agency as an intern and has been on board ever since. Patrick is eager to jump into any job put in front of him. The combination of efficiency and multitasking skills are what makes him an asset to the agency.

Patrick studied at Albion College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, as well as Environmental Studies. He started with the agency as an intern and has been on board ever since. His primary responsibilities include social media and podcast production. Patrick is eager to jump into any job put in front of him. The combination of efficiency and multitasking skills are what makes him an asset to any project.

Sally Young President

Sally Young is an agency co-founder. She is a business pioneer with a long history of running very successful businesses. This includes, at one point, one of the biggest and most influential power sports operations in the country. Now she works behind the scenes at Jekyll and Hyde, heading up the financial and human resources sides of the business and providing invaluable experience, leadership and guidance to the agency as a whole.

Sally Young is an avid traveler, living out her obsession with the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, sometimes snow skiing or paddle-boarding when she reaches her destination. She enjoys meeting strangers and creating narratives of their lives and volunteering her time and resources to help those in need.

Sally is also a recovering hippie who likes to drive her ‘66 Volkswagen bus, spreading peace and goodwill and sometimes picking up hitchhikers on her way. When she’s not reading about age prevention (and also not complying with the findings of her research), she’s working on her own book, The Power of Negative Thinking – but she’ll probably never finish it.