No other advertising agency can help you sell more consumer packaged goods than Jekyll and Hyde.

Most advertisers work with agencies that do some of everything. One day the agency is doing some CPG work, but the next day they’re doing restaurants and the day after they’re doing travel or automotive.

When it’s your business on the line, do you want to trust it to a generalist… or a specialist?

Jekyll and Hyde specializes in creating the most effective advertising campaigns – including traditional, digital and social – for challenger brands in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Jekyll and Hyde eats, sleeps and breathes consumer packaged goods. It is all we do.

If you’re working with another agency and they can’t say the same thing, you’re working with second-best (at best).

If you’re working with another agency that talks about growing your business by percentages – instead of exponential growth – you’re working second-best (at best).

When you’re ready to work with America’s best advertising agency for challenger CPG companies, contact us.

  • Mark Young

    CEO, Chairman
  • Robb Taylor

    Chief Creative Officer, Creative Director
  • Steve Jbara

    Director of New Business
  • Michelle Pike

    Director of Accounts

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