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Television Commercial

H2Ocean® Tattoo Aftercare products were once available only at tattoo salons. This TV campaign accompanies their broadening retail launch at Walgreens. Each spot is a stylized, personal story focusing on one of the talent’s actual tattoos. This concept draws on the deeply emotional connection each person has with his or her own tattoos – and the need to properly take care of them with H2Ocean’s unique aftercare kit.

Cosmederm Bioscience - TroCalm®

TriCalm® Commercial

This TriCalm® commercial marked the official re-launch of the product at retail. The intention was a clear, concise story about the product, emphasizing its benefits and guarantee. The spot has met with a great consumer response, leading to soaring sales for the itch relief gel.

Ferndale Healthcare - HELIOCARE®

HELIOCARE® Commercial

This is the follow-up commercial to HELIOCARE's launch campaign. This time around the Jekyll & Hyde team focused on the product's wide acceptance by dermatologists, who are beginning to recommend HELIOCARE® to their patients to help protect against sun-related damage and aging.

Samy® Fat Foam Hair Color

Television Commercial

Building on the success of their launch TV campaign and facing a series of new competitors in the marketplace, Samy® needed to amp up its advertising for Fat Foam Hair Color in a big way. This time Jekyll and Hyde used the re-popularized classic Queen song “Fat Bottomed Girls” and made it Samy’s own, playing on the “Fat” name and earning attention in the marketplace.

Dignity Memorial®

Television Commercial

This TV commercial for the Dignity Memorial® network’s Homeless Veterans Burial Program was one spot in a multifaceted campaign to promote awareness for a relatively unrecognized funeral services brand. Chuck Woolery leant his voice to the campaign, which tied into a larger direct response effort by the company. After a few months, polling data proved the campaign was a tremendous success, dramatically improving recognition and recall of the brand. The campaign continues to air in markets across the country – years after its initial launch.

Naked Naturals

Television Commercial

This commercial promoted Continental Fragrances’ line of natural shampoos and conditioners. Tighter than usual production and media budgets couldn’t mean cutting corners; we had to maintain a high-end look on a shoestring. Jekyll and Hyde used clean animations and repurposed footage from an older commercial to keep costs down while creating a high-end commercial. The shorter spot length meant we could still buy a lot of brand impressions, even with a smaller media budget.

Samy® Fat Foam Hair Color

Television Commercial

Samy needed a commercial to introduce the first drip-free permanent hair color to America, highlighting the mess-free application, ease of use and salon results. The look of the commercial had to rival competing hair color commercials to validate the product’s higher than average price tag, without millions in production budgets. We used our creative approach to storytelling and shooting to make a commercial that looked rich and told the product story, while keeping costs down. Walmart was impressed by the commercial – and the results. The Fat Foam launch turned out to be the most successful new product launch of its kind for the retailer.

Dr. Blaine's

Television Commercial

The client was looking to introduce a product, originally designed to reduce the appearance of C-section scars, to the mainstream for general scar treatment. Until then, the market was dominated by a few key products with wide distribution. Jekyll and Hyde produced a commercial that showed dramatic before and after pictures of scars while highlighting the product’s key differences. The spot’s successful launch helped a small challenger brand compete with category leaders at a fraction of the cost.
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